Mr. Tolin with 42 years of experience has represented his clients in the following matters, either as the Administrative Hearing counsel, the Trial counsel, or the Appellate counsel before the District Court or the Wyoming Supreme Court, or a combination of counsel positions. These cases below are examples of cases that were ultimtely decided by the Wyoming Supreme Court on appeal, and have been linked to the Wyoming Supreme Court appellate decisions when available. Not all cases that Mr. Tolin has been involved with are listed below.

  • Admnistrative Hearing counsel for Employer before Unemployment Insurance Commission in Casper Iron & Metal, Inc. v. Unemployment Ins. Com'n of Dept. of Employment of State of Wyo., 845 P.2d 387 (Wyo. 1993). Affirmed

  • Trial counsel for Juvenile Defendant In the Interest of KP, a minor, (KP v. State), 102 P.3d 217, 2004 WY 165 (Wyo. 2004). Adjudication and Sentence Vacated and Remanded.

  • Administrative Hearing counsel for Employee-Claimant before Wyoming Workers' Compesnation Medical Commission, Appellate counsel for Employee-Claimant before 7th Judicial District Court, and Appellate counsel for Employee-Claimant before Wyoming Supreme Court in Hicks v. State ex rel. Wyoming Workers' Safety and Compensation Division, 105 P.3d 462, 2005 WY 11 (Wyo. 2005). Affirmed.

  • Trial counsel for Defendant in Perritt v. State, 120 P.3d 181, 2005 WY 121 (Wyo. 2005). Reversed and Remanded with Instruction to Dismiss Amended Complaint with Prejudice.

  • Trial counsel for Defendant in Grissom v. State, 121 P.3d 127, 2005 WY 132 (Wyo. 2005). Affirmed.

  • Trial counsel for Defendant in Marshall v. State, 125 P.3d 269, 2005 WY 164 (Wyo. 2005). Affirmed.

  • Trial counsel for Defendant in Baker v. State, 223 P.3d 542, 2010 WY 6 (Wyo. 2010) Reversed and Remanded.

  • Trial counsel for Respondent Mother and Appellate counsel for Respondent Mother before Wyoming Supreme Court In the matter of the Termination of Parental Rights to KMO, DMO, CMO, AKO, DKO, MTO, ABO, EEO, and JBO, Minor Children (In re KMO), 280 P.3d 1203, 2012 WY 99 (Wyo. 2012). Affirmed.