The Firm

Tolin Law Offices, A Professional Corporation, is located in beautiful Central Wyoming in the downtown area of Casper, Wyoming near the various Courthouses and government offices. Donald Tolin, a solo practitioner, is an experienced Attorney & Counselor At Law with 40 years of legal experience.

Mr. Tolin works hard for you to help solve your legal problems. He fights for the rights of individuals and business entities, no matter how large or small. The firm charges reasonable fees and costs; and bills from accurate computerized time records. Mr. Tolin also works hard to exercise sound billing judgment in preparation of his billing of competitive and reasonable legal fees. The firm accepts credit cards, checks, and cash, for the payment of the firm's reasonable retainers and the reasonable fees charged for the legal services performed for the clients. Mr. Tolin works with his clients to come up with satisfactory payment arrangements.

Mr. Tolin works hard to help solve your legal problems in a timely manner. Help...when and where you need it! You do not have to go to Court alone. Choose our firm for caring, compassionate, aggressive, and experienced legal representation for life's emergencies that just can't wait... Mr. Tolin has undertaken the representation of individuals in complex and unpopular civil and criminal cases. Mr. Tolin has defended clients in criminal Bench and Jury Trials lasting from one day to two weeks. Mr. Tolin has represented parents and children in juvenile proceedings in simple cases and also very difficult ones. Mr. Tolin has represented parents in civil Jury Trials for the termination of parental rights; one lasting three weeks in front of a twelve person Jury.

Mr. Tolin believes in Due Process and Equal Protection under the law, in that everyone, no matter their financial status, is entitled to quality effective legal representation whether or not private pay or Court appointed government pay.

An experienced litigator, trial attorney, and counselor at law, that also understands the importance of family!

Although we can not guarantee results, your satisfaction is our goal!

Over the past forty (40) years, Mr. Tolin has provided substantial number of hours of pro-bono legal services to indigent individuals and non-profit organizations at no charge, or signficantly reduced fees. Mr. Tolin has provided in excess of fifteen thousand (15,000) pro-bono hours which is ten (10) times the recommended number of pro-bono hours for a Wyoming lawyer over a thirty (30) year career.

Unfortunately, law firms and lawyers such as  Mr. Tolin can not afford to provide all legal work for free or at significantly reduced rates, because they too, like everyone else, have monthly expenses and costs, including office rent, telephone, Internet, cell phones, computers, printers, copiers, supplies, transportation, insurance, taxes, and other office overhead. Nevertheless, Mr. Tolin has always strived to work with his clients to provide necessary legal services at affordable costs and payment arrangements suited to each individual client, whether it be a civil or criminal matter.

Mr. Tolin is proud to participate in the Wyoming State Bar's Modest Means Program designed for individuals that do not meet the income qualifications for legal aid, but can not afford the full reasonable hourly rates for legal services and reasonable retainers charged in the area; and still need access to justice. Individuals qualified by the Wyoming State Bar, may be able to receive legal services for reduced legal fees and a reduced retainer. However,  not all individuals may qualify for this reduced fee program, nor are all legal services covered. Individual program panel attorneys still need to accept the potential client for representation if referred by the Wyoming State Bar office  through the Modest Means Program. For more information about legal aid, find their contact information HERE. For more information about the Modest Means Program and the Wyoming State Bar, find the contact information HERE.